Ashton Learning Resource Center To Be Upgraded Meet The Emergency Shelter Standards Of The NEMO

The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) has entered into a contract to the tune of XCD414.5 thousand with Mac Construction Inc. to rehabilitate the Ashton Learning Resource.

The project will upgrade the Ashton Learning Resource Center to meet the emergency shelter standards of the National Emergency Management Organization.

It forms part of government’s priority investments to reduce this country’s physical and economic vulnerability to adverse natural events through building resilience to current and future climatic changes.

The project is expected to commence this week and will last four months.

The funding is being provided by the World Bank under the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (RDVRP).

The Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (RDVRP) is supporting SVG’s efforts to prevent and adapt to the effects of climate change, strengthen hazard and risk evaluation, and improve decision making.