SVG Diabetic Association Appeals To Vincentians

Beverly Reddock a Member of the SVG Diabetic Association said often persons who are affected by Diabetes have no idea that they are affected.She is appealing to Vincentians to conduct regular health checks.

Miss Reddock outlined a number of the signs and symptoms of diabetes such as frequent urination, blurred vision , reoccurring infection, a tingling or burning sensation in the feet and the slow healing of wounds.

Nika Anderson Isaacs from the Ministry of Health stated that Non Communicable Diseases are having a negative impact on the lives of Vincentians. Vincentians are urged to change their lifestyles and eating habits to have positive impact on these diseases.

Meanwhile the St James School of Medicine has organized a Fun Run this Saturday June 4th at the Arnos Vale Sports Centre, to highlight the impact that Diabetes has on the population of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.