North Leeward Women’s Softball Cricket

There were victories for Simple Champions of Fitz Hughes, Attack Girls of Spring Village and Ghetto Girls of Petit Bordel on Sunday at the Petit Bordel Playing Field in the DMG Furniture North Leeward Women’s 15-overs-a-side Softball Cricket Championship.

Simple Champions of Fitz Hughes beat We FM Beachfront by 86 runs. The scores: Simple Champions 190 for 3 off 15-overs; Patiesha Thomas 123; Catoya Lett took 2 wickets, We FM Beach Front 106; M. Pierre took 4 wickets, and C. Gills took 2 wickets.

Attack Girls of Spring Village secured a 5-wicket win over Simple Champions. The scores: Simple Champions 139 for 8 off 15-overs; Shanel Mc Kie 53; Anika Porter and Viviette John took 2 wickets each, Attack Girls 140 for 5 off 13-overs; Phernel Charles 33 not out, Sandra Samuel 23.

And, Ghetto Girls of Petit Bordel defeated Pace Setters also of Petit Bordel by 62 runs. The scores: Ghetto Girls 108 for 7 off 15-overs; Shenol Lewis 25, Pace Setters 46 off 12.4-overs.