Liat Flight To Joshua Aborts Because Of Laser Light

Mrs. Corsel Robertson, the Director of Airports in a release has asked the public to desist from pointing laser lights at aircrafts and to report the matter if anyone is doing so.

Mrs. Robertson said a pilot of a LIAT flight from Barbados en-route to St. Vincent and the Grenadines reported that on June 10th at about 9:20pm a laser light beam, seemed to have originated in the Dorsetshire Hill/Queens Drive area beamed into the cockpit of the plane when it was about to land at the E T Joshua Airport.

The flight was aborted and diverted back to Barbados in the interest of safety.

Mrs. Robertson noted that this action threaten the safety of the passengers, crew, aircraft, property and lives on the ground, and Civil Aviation in general.

Mrs. Robertson stated that the pointing of laser lights into plane is a very serious offence that would be dealt with under the full force of the law.