Select Committee To Report On Cyber-crime Bill 2016 In Parliament On Thursday

A Select Committee Report is expected to be presented on the Cybercrime Bill 2016, during a meeting of Parliament, set to take place here on Thursday.

The Bill received its first reading at the last meeting of Parliament and was sent to a Select Committee.

It is one six listed to be dealt with at this week’s meeting.

The other five are: the Petrocaribe (Special Purpose) Fund Bill; the International Business Companies Amendment Bill, both of which will receive their first reading; the Companies Bill, which is listed to receive its second reading and two private Bills.

The 2015 Annual Report of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, NTRC will also be laid in Parliament,
as well as the financial Statements for the National Insurance Services for the year ending December 31st 2014.

Thursday’s meeting is scheduled to begin at ten in the morning, at the Assembly Chamber in Kingstown.