Belair Under-15 Softball Cricket

There were back-to-back victories for Welcome and one win for Ashburton yesterday in the Gairy Construction/Crispin Taxi Service Belair Under-15 Ten/10 Softball Cricket Championship at the Dauphine Playing Field.

Welcome defeated Belair by 7 wickets. The scores: Belair 64 for 5 off 10-overs; M-Beaton King 23, Welcome 68 for 3 off 8-overs; O-SEAN John 25.

Welcome then beat Georgie Valley Saints by 83 runs. The scores: Welcome 104 for 1 off 10-overs; SAD-ROCK Delpesche 68, Georgie Valley Saints 21 off 7-overs.

Ashburton secured a narrow 1-run win over Gomea. The scores: Ashburton 26, Gomea 25.

In the third place playoff, Gomea defeated Georgie Valley Saints by 25 runs. The scores: Gomea 92 for 3 off 10-overs; Tomar Jack 64; Ozare Lewis 3 for 14, Georgie Valley Saints 67 for 9 off 10-overs; Kenique Riley 22.

The Final will be played today between Welcome and Ashburton from 10.00 am also at the Dauphine Playing Field.