The Gender Affairs Division has condemned the recent violence and crimes

The murder of 23 year old Simona Da Silva of Fair Hall, has prompted calls by the Gender Affairs Division, within the Ministry of National Mobilization – for Vincentians to seek professional help in light of their problems.

Co-ordinator, of the Gender Affairs Division, Mrs.Polly Olliver has condemned the recent violence, saying it is an infringement of a person’s right.

In a written statement Ms. Olliver said that despite much progress, domestic violence remains amongst the greatest challenges of our times.

She said over the years – the department has been Fed by deeply embedded discrimination against women and girls, which under-cuts peace and restricts the quality of life for those involve.

This the Gender Affairs Co-ordinator said is not only wrong and costly, but it also undermines efforts to achieving development goals, and increases gaps for access and fulfillment of women’s rights.