PARENTS- Educate children about sexuality

Parents are being encouraged to make a greater effort to educate their children about the differences between acceptable and un-acceptable behaviors at an early age.

The advice came from Psychologist, Kimberly Cambridge, during NBC’s Views on Issues programme on Sunday, which focused on “The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children”.

Ms. Cambridge said while parents must protect their children from becoming too knowledgeable about sex, they must be taught to recognize indecent behaviors and, Ms. Cambridge commended the preschools for their role in sensitizing the nation’s children.

Psychologist Cambridge has also advised Parents of children who were victims of abuse to make every effort to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

She said persons are sometimes reluctant to have their children testify in Court and others may opt to accept financial compensation for the trauma they suffered. But, Miss Cambridge said such practices may result in long-term psychological problems for the children.

Miss Cambridge further stated that efforts must be made to remove the stigma associated with sexual abuse.