The Fisheries Centres which have been constructed across the country are said to be continuing to play an important role in the development of the Fishing Industry.

This assurance came from Chief Fisheries Officer Jennifer Cruickshank-Howard, as she delivered remarks at the Closing Ceremony for this year’s Fisherman’s Month of Activities, which was held last Friday at the Fisheries Conference Room.

Mrs Cruickshank-Howard said the Fisheries Centres were established to help create a demand for Fish products.

Mrs Cruickshank-Howard however noted that significant challenges were encountered, in the development of sustainable operations of these Centres. She said these included weak management capacity, insufficient capital and poor maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.

This year’s Fisherman’s Month of Activities were held under the theme: From Our Ridges Into The High Seas, Our Nation We Feed with the slogan; “Cleaner Reef, Healthy Fish To Eat.