In the HAIROUN/National Lotteries Authority North East Football League, Sparta F.C, Owia and Chapman’s F.C won matches over the weekend at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown.

In the Premier Division, Sparta F.C defeated SV United 4-2 and Chapmans F.C gained a 2-nil victory from Greggs F.C, when Masni Chandler and Twayne Matthews contributed to Chapmans F.C score sheet.

Owia United dominated DESCO in a Group B match of the Under-17 Championship. Tyson Thomas scored three of the goals, the others were converted by Dnelson Nero and Deronnick Nanton.

In the 1st Division, Owia beat DESCO 4-2 after goals by Sylvanus James, Garth Lewis, O’Neil Williams and Zanielk Baptiste. Denso Hoyte and Philron Lavia scored for DESCO.

Tomorrow afternoon, there will be a 1st Division Group (A) match between Joppers and Overland.