Yesterday, in the Premier Division of the National Football Championships, Avenues United beat North Leeward Predators 3-nil at Victoria Park, while Sparta FC defeated Pride and Joy 3-1 in the First Division.

On Saturday, in the Premier Division at Victoria Park, BESCO Pastures overwhelmed Largo Height 8-1, while System 3 and Sion Hill FC played to a goalless draw.

In the First Division, SV United defeated Bequia United 3-2 at the Sion Hill Playing Field.

Elsewhere, Glenside Ball Blazers edged Owia United 2-1 at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown, and Richmond Hill beat Parkside Rollers 3-1 at the Campden Park Playing Field.

On Friday, Layou FC and Awesome FC played to a goalless draw, while Je Belles FC and Hope International played to a 1-all draw.

The Championship will continue on Wednesday evening, when Richmond Hill will face Glenside Ball Blazers at 5:30 and Parkside Rollers will clash with Sparta FC at 7:30, in Victoria Park with two Men’s 1st Division matches.