BRAGSA has begun clean up operations in the red zone

The Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) has begun cleaning communities in the red zone.

The initiative dubbed “Ash Clean-up” will see the cleaning and removal of ash from communities north of the Rabacca River on the Windward side of the island and Fitz Hughes on the Leeward side of the island.

Communications Officer, Rohan Cupid said BRAGSA has been given clearance to carry out preliminary cleaning of the roads in these areas.

Mr. Cupid said, in some cases there are ash deposit in excess of 3 feet in height on the roads.  He said emphasis will also be placed on the heavily silted drains and rivers in these communities.

Mr. Cupid said the cleaning is being done to facilitate a more detailed assessment of the areas, to be carried out by Government agencies and the Utility companies.

He is therefore asking persons to stay clear of the red zone, since the ALL CLEAR has not been given for their return.

Work has already started in the Orange Hill area located in the North Windward constituency.