Members of parliament approve Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure

The Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the 2022 Fiscal Year were approved by Members of Parliament, during a meeting of the House of Assembly yesterday.

The 2022 Estimates, which were tabled by Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Camillo Gonsalves, amount to one-billion, 329-million, 340-thousand, 860 dollars.

Two Resolutions moved by Minister Gonsalves were also approved during yesterday’s sitting.

The first authorized the Minister of Finance to borrow money to an amount not exceeding in the aggregate fifty million dollars, during the period 1st January, 2022 to 31st December, 2022 for the purpose of meeting the liquidity requirements of the Government.

And, the second stipulates that the aggregate amounts to be authorised by Special Warrants for the financial year ending 31st December, 2022 shall not exceed forty million dollars.           

Parliament has been suspended until Monday January 3rd at 4pm.

At that time, Governor General Dame Susan Dougan will deliver the speech from the Throne and the Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves will deliver the Budget Address.