The World Food Programme continues to distribute La Soufriere Relief vouchers

The distribution of vouchers for the La Soufriere Relief Grant is continuing today.

The assistance is being facilitated by the Ministry of National Mobilization and the United Nations World Food Programme.

The programme is made possible through a partnership with the Government of Japan.

A release from the Ministry of National Mobilization says persons who received cash assistance from the World Food Programme previously, are eligible to receive voucher assistance.

Valid identification such as a Passport, National ID Card or Driver’s license is required when collecting vouchers.  Persons are advised that information will be shared via text message and telephone; eligible persons are asked to monitor their phones for updates.

Today’s distribution is taking place at the Kingstown Public Works yard.

Persons who were unable to collect their vouchers this month, will have an opportunity to do so on Tuesday January 4th, at the Public Works yard in Kingstown.

When collecting vouchers, persons are advised to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols, including the wearing of masks, sanitizing of hands, and observing physical distancing.