Owner of Football Club “Chelsea” , Roman Abramovich plans to sell the club

 The owner of English Premier League Football Club, Chelsea, Russian, Roman Abramovich says he is planning to sell the club.

In a statement on Chelsea’s Website, businessman Abramovich said he had made the “incredibly difficult decision” which “pains” him.

He will not ask “for any loans to be repaid” and said that proceeds of the sale would be donated to war victims.

Abramovich had said last Saturday that he would give “stewardship and care” of Chelsea to its foundation trustees following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

That led to speculation that Abramovich, who has loaned Chelsea more than £1.5 billion would put Chelsea up for sale, and Swiss billionaire, Hansjorg Wyss  told Swiss newspaper BLICK yesterday that he had been offered the chance to buy the club.

Wyss said Abramovich wanted “to get rid of Chelsea quickly” after the threat of sanctions was raised in Parliament.

Abramovich, 55, is alleged to have strong ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which he has denied.

He said “all net proceeds from the sale” would be donated to the “victims of the war in Ukraine”.

It is understood that Abramovich has already received offers for Chelsea and that he values the club at as much as £3 billion.

In his statement, Abramovich said: “I have always taken decisions with the club’s best interest at heart.

“In the current situation, I have therefore taken the decision to sell the club, as I believe this is in the best interest of the club, the fans, the employees, as well as the club’s sponsors and partners.

“The sale of the club will not be fast-tracked but will follow due process. I will not be asking for any loans to be repaid.

“I have instructed my team to set up a charitable foundation where all net proceeds from the sale will be donated. The foundation will be for the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine.”