Virtual Consultation held to combat Violence against Women and Children

The Ministry of National Mobilization and Social Development, is hosting a virtual consultation today, to review the draft 2022-2026 Strategy to Combat Violence Against Women and Children.

Understanding that violence against women and children is a social concern to all Vincentians, stakeholders in the community are strongly being encouraged to participate in this process.

The consultations will provide an oversight of the draft strategy and national action plan, the rationale for the development of a multi-layered approach and the activities and reach related to the established goals and objectives.

After a review of the document summary, there will be opportunity for feedback and discussion as the strategy is designed to reflect the concerns and solution-focused activities that exist within the community.

It is hope that stakeholders would choose to be a part of making Saint Vincent and the Grenadines free from all forms of violence against women and children by ensuring that their input and review is part of this process.