The Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Championships has officially ended

Jasmine Frank of Modern Tech Solutions Girls with 181 goals from 226 tries emerged the top goal shooter in the Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Championships which ended last Sunday at the Hard Court of the Sion Hill Playing Field.

Sion Hill was the Best Dressed Team, and Success Radio Netters won the Best Banner Award. Both teams received Awards from Clive Fitz Patrick.

SVG General Services Maple Goal Shooter, Abigail Richards was the Most Disciplined Player in the Championships.

The Youngest Player was 10-year-old, Aby Sutherland of Success Radio Netters. She received the Lolita Charles Award.

Modern Tech Solutions Girls won both the Division 1 League and Knock-out Titles; Sion Hill also won both the Division 2 League and Knock-out Titles.

Eleven teams took part on the Championships this this year.