Poor Relief beneficiary transitions to reloadable ATM card payments slated for 2023

The Social Protection Division within the Ministry of National Mobilization is currently undergoing the implementation of the Poor Relief Beneficiary assessments and transitioning to the reloadable ATM card payments for 2023.

The Ministry says it is in the process of conducting the Socio-economic Household assessments (for existing beneficiaries and their households) and vulnerability assessments on existing beneficiaries during the period 8th December, 2022 to 24th February 2023.

The general public is therefore asked to be prepared to share with the assessors the personal information being requested to ensure the process is completed efficiently and honestly, as the Ministry seeks to serve the general population more effectively.

The transitioning would ensure that recipients who are eligible would no longer be required to line up for cash payments, but will have the ability to access their monies at their convenience via the reloadable ATM cards.