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Senior personnel in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries have been meeting this week to formulate a COVID 19 Food Security and Impact Mitigation Plan                                                A release from the Ministry said Global food systems have been severely disrupted by the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.   And, SVG has already seen its exports of… Continue Reading →


A Land Degradation Neutrality Target Setting Validation Workshop was held here last week. The Training Workshop was spearheaded by the Forestry Department, as part of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, {UNCCDE}. Director of Forestry Services, Fitzgerald Providence said the session was geared at achieving targets under Sustainable Development Goal 15, to reduce land… Continue Reading →


The Fisheries Division in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries said it will continue to provide training and other opportunities for local fisherfolk, as part of ongoing efforts to develop and sustain the fishing industry. The assurance came from Chief Fisheries Officer, Jennifer Cruickshank-Howard, as she addressed Friday’s launch of the 2019 Fisherman’s Month… Continue Reading →


The Forestry Department in the Ministry of Agriculture is appealing to people to be mindful as to how they use the nation’s forested areas for recreational purposes. This appeal was made by Senior Forestry Supervisor, Cornelius Richards, who said they want to have some level of control brought to this development. Mr. Richards said while… Continue Reading →