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The New Compost Production Facility located at the Orange Hill Agriculture Biotechnology Centre will be officially handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture today. The Compost facility was constructed at a cost of 1.5 million EC dollars is equipped with three bio-digesters for making compost and a steam sterilizing machine for the sterilization of soil… Continue Reading →

Affordable Housing a Fundamental Human Right

The Land Distribution Programme initiated by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines moved one step further on September 14th, with the presentation of letters-of-offer to forty-one residents of Fancy. The new owners will have an opportunity to purchase the lands at a cost of EC $0.50 per sq ft. Delivering the feature address… Continue Reading →

Montgomery Daniel Says The Surveys Department Has Played An Integral Role In National Development

The Housing Minister made The statement while contributing to debate on the 2015 National Budget in Parliament. Minister Daniel said the Department has played an integral role in assisting the Government with regularizing the issue of squatter settlement. He said to date a total of three thousand seven hundred and sixty five parcels of land… Continue Reading →