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2015 LIME Netball Shooting Results

Skiddy Francis-Cricket of Vita Malt Maple was the National Netball Shooting Competition of this year’s LIME VINCY Upgrade National Netball Championships yesterday at the Netball Centre at New Montrose. Second was Thelma Foster also of Vita Malt Maple Club and Shellise Davis of Western Union Mitres third. The National Netball Championships will climax tomorrow with… Continue Reading →

Shooting Incident In Belair

Police are carrying out investigations into a shooting incident which occurred in the Belair area on the weekend. Police reports indicate that Wilford Woodley, a 28-year-old labourer of Revierre was shot to death during the incident which occurred 12:30pm on Friday. Woodley’s death takes the number of the homicides for the year to 25.