World Oceans Day

St. Vincent and the Grenadines was among countries across the globe observing World Oceans Day today, under the theme: Our Ocean, Our Future.

Superintendent of Rivers, Beaches and Recreational Sites at the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority, Radicka Tannis used the opportunity to call on Vincentians to pay greater attention to the nation’s ocean, which sustains the livelihood of many Vincentians.

Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face programme this morning, Miss Tannis said this year the National Parks is placing significant emphasis on keeping the Ocean clean this year.

She said they need to look at what is happening with the health of the ocean because it has significance for not only today but for our future as well.

Meanwhile, Alex Narspum, Outreach and Educational Officer at the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority said keeping the oceans clean is not just important for livelihoods, but also for health purposes.