Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration CARDI with IICA are Looking at Ways to Improve the Value of Sweet Potato

The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration CARDI with IICA are continuing  to look at ways to improve the value of sweet potato grown here.

According to a release from the Ministry of Agriculture a series of taste tests will be held here from today at various locations to determine the acceptability of new varieties of Sweet Potato among consumers for the making of potato chips as well as a staple in the diet.

The tests will be done in at least 10 locations including government ministries, schools, farming communities and supermarkets.

Country Representative of CARDI, Dr. Gregory Robin, said the purpose of the tests is to identify the varieties most suited for processing and by extension, increase the production of the variety and or varieties as a viable crop.

The general public is being asked to lend their assistance in the process by participating in the taste tests that are carried out in their general locations.

The project that is now being implemented is dubbed “Multiplying and Evaluating Roots and Tubers, in Cassava, Sweet Potato and Yam varieties suitable for value addition”,