Ministry of Agriculture Continues Aerial Spraying

The Ministry of Agriculture will continue its Aerial Spraying Cycle this year as part of the nation-wide Banana Rehabilitation Programme.

This was revealed by Head of the Banana Services Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, Sylvester Vanloo, who highlighted that local Farmers will also be involved in a National Re-planting exercise this year.

Mr. Vanloo said over one hundred and seventy Acres had been re-planted, at the end of last year following the cut back of plantations, to control the Black Sigatoka leaf spot disease.

He said last year they completed five aerial cycles and they were supposed to have already commenced for this year but they have been held up due to a number of setbacks.

Mr. Vanloo said they are continuing to work to have issues relating to the road addressed.

He said once they address the road issues, they will then commence this year’s six aerial spray cycles.