NTRC To Hold Finals And Prize Giving Ceremony At The I2 Competition Next Week

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), will hold the Finals and Prize Giving Ceremony for the first annual Idea and Innovation Competition known as the I2 Competition next week.

The session will include presentations from a number of Secondary School finalists including the St. Vincent Girls’ High School, St. Vincent Grammar School, North Union Secondary, St. Martin’s Secondary and the Union Island Secondary School.

In addition to this there will be several group entries from the Tertiary level finalists including the SVG Community College Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies and the Division of Nursing Education.


The NTRC says each group will compete for the three coveted prizes respective of the category and institutional level ranging from $3,500.00- $1,000.00 EC.

This event is scheduled to take place at the NIS’ Main Conference Room on Tuesday 11th February 2014 from 3pm.

Through this initiative the NTRC hopes to tap into the students’ creativity by challenging them to develop and present projects in the form of Ideas and Mobile Applications that can implement new or improve existing systems in the current departments within the Public Service and other state agencies that provide services to the public.

The competition is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education; the National Insurance Services (NIS), the Searchlight Newspaper, and the Center for Enterprise Development.