St. Vincent and the Grenadines Single Parent Households

“Single parent household is not necessarily a weak household” so says Nelly Phillips, youth programme coordinator, of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Planned Parenthood.

Ms. Phillips spoke on the Views on Issues programme aired on NBC Radio on Sunday and said she too, is a product of a single parent house hold.

She said while there will be situations where a single parent will fall short, Vincentians should commend single parents for a job well done.

The youth programme coordinator said there is a great need for persons to tackle the issue of single mother house hold as a case by case factor, as every situation is different.

Meantime, Enzinga Sargeant, a single mother said single parenting is not a ball of negativity. She said even though most single parents crave for more time, being a single parent is not a disease.

Jennifer Marshall, Counsellor, said the issues of parenting are real. And said it is important to have a supportive unit.

Ms. Marshall spoke on the Views on Issues programme on Sunday which aired on NBC Radio.