Coreas Hazells Inc. Gives Assistance To Judith Delpesche

Coreas Hazells Inc has provided assistance to repair and renovate the home of Judith Delpesche of Buccament, which was extensively damaged, during the flooding which occurred in December last year

A release from the company says the heavy rains resulting from the trough system caused immense damage to the furnishings as well as the structural frame of Ms. Delpesche’s house, to the point where she was forced to relocate.

The release Ms. Delpeche, a regular customer of Coreas Hazells, began rebuilding her home by taking advantage of the company’s extended discount afforded to those affected by the December rains.

Unfortunately, her funds were exhausted before the roof of her newly constructed home could be completed, prompting her to write a letter to Coreas seeking assistance.

The company, which has developed a reputation for assisting similar ventures in the past, responded favourably to her request and provided the Buccament resident with plywood, lumber and other building materials to complete her goals.