National Calypso 2014 Competition Preliminaries Continues

Preliminary Judging in the 2014 National Calypso Competition will continue this evening when the 15-member cast of the On-Tour Calypso Tent performing for the Judges.

This evening’s cast comprises: Ranking Bash; Ipa; Rastaman I; Isojah; Iley; Struggler; Waltie; Soharro; I-Reality; Vibrating Scakes; Patches; Abijah; Zion-I; Azarrah and Marshie

President of the SVG Calypsonians’ Association Incorporated, Anne Miller said they held a number of training programs earlier this year for all stakeholders in the Calypso arena and they are currently seeing positive development in the art-form as a result of these programs.

She is therefore encouraging the public to continue supporting the Preliminary Judging for the Calypso tents.

Miss Miller noted that the Preliminary Judging will climax tomorrow with the P’tani Calypso Tent.

This year’s Preliminary Judging will be followed by the Calypso Semi-Finals dubbed Fantastic Friday on June 27th at the Victoria Park.