April 13, 2024

1 thought on “Evesham Drive-by Shooting

  1. Missing Home, then and now.

    My ‘homeland’,How I long to love you, to embrace you,

    The lush greenness of your vegetation.

    The dirt village roads.

    The rich hue of your ‘blue waters.’

    I recall those lazy childhood days

    Walking idly down the street,

    Greeting each person by name.

    Your warm Sunlight caressing my bare shoulders

    The ‘pit- pat’ music of rain falling on galvanized roofs

    Children playing in the street,

    Talking,laughing, standing, hitting, running,

    Saying goodbye in rhymes, that made no sense;

    ”larlick a poisin, jumbie arisin”,

    Sitting on the porch, eating juicy mangoes

    Mymother standing by the stove.

    The smell of fried bakes and salt-fish…

    Neighbors borrowing a bowl of sugar, or

    Swapping breadfruits, yams and bananas.

    My beautiful homeland, how I long to love and embrace you.

    Now the village road, a place where people mourn, and run
    and hide.

    Where neighbors are silenced, while mothers, fathers,
    brothers, sisters, and friends are murdered.

    The murderers, translated into invisible ghosts, a
    travesty of injustice!

    Dear God, embrace my homeland, the villages, with your
    healing light.

    Dear God provoke the conscience of neighbors.

    May the departed- sleep on.

    May the living- act justly

    My homeland how I long to embrace you.

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