Evesham Drive-by Shooting

A drive-by shooting in the Evesham area last night has resulted in the death of two young men.

NBC News understands that the men Benjamin Jackson and Dwayne Robinson, were reportedly shot to death.

The incident reportedly occurred around 7:30 last night in the vicinity of the Health Centre at the Windsor Gap in Evesham.

Reports also indicate that 22-year old Dominic Smart of Riley was injured in the incident.

NBC News will bring additional information in a later newscast.

1 thought on “Evesham Drive-by Shooting

  1. Missing Home, then and now.

    My ‘homeland’,How I long to love you, to embrace you,

    The lush greenness of your vegetation.

    The dirt village roads.

    The rich hue of your ‘blue waters.’

    I recall those lazy childhood days

    Walking idly down the street,

    Greeting each person by name.

    Your warm Sunlight caressing my bare shoulders

    The ‘pit- pat’ music of rain falling on galvanized roofs

    Children playing in the street,

    Talking,laughing, standing, hitting, running,

    Saying goodbye in rhymes, that made no sense;

    ”larlick a poisin, jumbie arisin”,

    Sitting on the porch, eating juicy mangoes

    Mymother standing by the stove.

    The smell of fried bakes and salt-fish…

    Neighbors borrowing a bowl of sugar, or

    Swapping breadfruits, yams and bananas.

    My beautiful homeland, how I long to love and embrace you.

    Now the village road, a place where people mourn, and run
    and hide.

    Where neighbors are silenced, while mothers, fathers,
    brothers, sisters, and friends are murdered.

    The murderers, translated into invisible ghosts, a
    travesty of injustice!

    Dear God, embrace my homeland, the villages, with your
    healing light.

    Dear God provoke the conscience of neighbors.

    May the departed- sleep on.

    May the living- act justly

    My homeland how I long to embrace you.

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