Church Of Latter Day Saints Convention

Jehovah’s Witnesses will host a three-day convention here next week under the theme: “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom,”

The convention takes place at the Victoria Park in Kingstown from July 25 to 27.

A release from the church says some highlights of the program include two theatrical productions that will bring a Bible story and a modern-day drama to life.

Friday afternoon’s Drama is entitled: “Do Not Give the Devil an Opportunity”. The second drama: “Not One Word Has Failed” will be presented on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday morning a special discourse will develop the theme “EARTH’S NEW RULER —WHO REALLY QUALIFIES?”
The program starts at 9:20 am each day.

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  1. Until those that were doing it in the past (some of whom still live in SVG) are brought to book, we will always be seen as guilty, but it is a good move to educate all rpt all the young people about human trafficking and the most likely way in which they could be conned. Every single community must be told what it involves as the most likely targets would be those in the country areas, especially the Northern areas and the interior.

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