Governemnt Of SVG Disaster Reduction Project

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has signed a contract with Geotech Associates of Trinidad and Tobago for the Studies, Design and supervision of works to treat slope instabilities in several communities here.

A release from the Central Planning Division says the contract, worth some 1.54 million US dollars is funded by the World Bank under the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project and will address the stabilizing of slipping hillsides that endanger communities and critical roads.

The activity, which commenced yesterday (July 16), aims to take a participatory approach that would require the involvement of various stakeholders comprising government ministries and agencies, Non-
Governmental Organizations and the communities.

The contract will be executed under two phases – Phase One – Instability investigations, analysis of possible mitigation measures and preparation of detailed engineering designs.

Phase Two entails the supervision of construction and implementation of non-engineered solutions.

The release says the project is supporting the country’s efforts to prevent and adapt to the effects of climate change, strengthen hazard and risk evaluation, and improve decision making.

The communities that are being targeted are Rose Bank; English Gutter; German Gutter; Petit Bordel; Dark View; Ginger Village; Maroon Hill; Mt. Greenan and Spring.