A Meeting Was Held To Discuss The Possibility Of Formalizing A Cocoa Cooperative In SVG

The Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday held a meeting with local Cocoa Farmers and established a committee of five Farmers, to carry forward the thrust to formalize a Cocoa Cooperative.

A release from the Ministry says some 20 Cocoa Farmers attended the meeting, which was held at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Conference Room, and was chaired by Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss the way forward following the announcement that the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cocoa Company is winding up operations here.
Following the sessions, the Famers took the decision to form a cocoa cooperative, which is intended to chart the way forward for the cocoa industry.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said the Ministry fully endorses the initiative. He noted that the country’s cocoa industry is going through a very critical transition.

In going forward, Minister Caesar said the Ministry of Agriculture will take up the responsibilities of adding to the tree crop department, a cocoa, condiments and spices unit.
The Unit will be staffed with a manager, deputy and staff, providing plants to farmers, continuing the education process started by the cocoa company and commencing inter-cropping with the planting of nutmegs.