Upcoming ICT Training

A series of ICT workshops involving about seven hundred Teachers from across the country will open here next week.

A release from the Ministry of Education says the training sessions will be carried out in collaboration with the National Centre for Technological Innovation.

The Ministry says, the training sessions, which are sponsored by Digicel will target Secondary School Teachers, and will take place under the theme: Fostering a Brighter Horizon Through the use of Technology

Training will be provided in the use of the Windows 8.1 Operating System, Microsoft Office 2013 (including Excel and Power Point) ACER Classroom Management and Productivity Tools.

The Ministry says, with the recent distribution of 15-thousand laptops under the One Laptop Per Student programme, it is seeking to further increase the competence and confidence of the Teachers in adequately using the ICT tools in their professional capacity to enhance the students’ engagement and academic outcomes.

The workshops will be held at various venues across the country over a four week period, starting on Monday July 28th and ending on Friday August 22nd.

Each group of Teachers will attend one week of training at different venues across the country.
An opening ceremony will be held at the Girls High School, from 9:15 on Monday morning.