Vector-bourne Diseases Health Seminar

A one-day Seminar focusing on issues relating to vector-bourne diseases will be held here today for local stakeholders.
The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment will host the Seminar, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization PAHO.

The Ministry says it is being held as part of the ongoing effort to control the spread of new and re-emerging vector borne diseases, namely Chikungunya, Dengue and Leptospirosis,.

It says the session is designed to: sensitize the stakeholders on vectors and their public health importance; discuss the cause and effect of vector borne diseases; to reiterate the importance of combatting vectors through an integrated vector control approach: environmental management, biological and chemical control.

The Ministry says the workshop is also designed to facilitate collaboration with different cross-sector agencies and key stakeholders to strengthen the integrated approach of vector.
The event is scheduled to open at nine this morning at the Fisheries Conference Room.