Coreas Hazells Inc Donates To Sweet I Robertson

Young North Leeward resident Sweet I Robertson of Fitz Hughes has received five thousand dollars’ worth of tiles from Coreas-Hazells Inc. to assist in completing her home.

Sweet I received her no income home from the Government after she was confined to a wheelchair in 2010, following a shooting incident which left here paralyzed
The tiles were donated on Monday July 28th by members of the Coreas Hazells staff who journeyed to Fitz Hughes.

Divisional Manager of Ace Debbie Huggins said the company recognizes its civic responsibility to provide assistance, noting that the donation would not be possible without the company’s supplier IBI international AB based in Sweden.

Sweet I expressed gratitude to the company for their generous donation.
The request was made to Coreas Hazells by Eloise Gonsalves, the wife of Prime Minister Gonsalves.