Livestock Are To be Removed From International Airport Site

The International Airport Development Company (IADC) is appealing to the owners of livestock currently grazing at the site of the Argyle International Airport to remove their animals from the site immediately.

A release from the IADC says it has, for some time now, been asking the owners of these animals that are roaming the site to have them removed, but to no avail.

The IADC says the animals are increasingly posing several problems at the site, resulting in the slowing down of the work.

The company says the animals are getting in the way of truck drivers who at times have to stop to chase them away and they are now roaming on the runway creating additional problems in that area.

According to the IADC, in addition to slowing down the work, the animals are getting into sensitive areas by breaching the fencing around these areas.

The IADC says it will not hold itself responsible for any harm that may come to these animals. It appealed to the owners to find alternative grazing areas for them.

It says if the animals are not removed, it will be forced to use legal measures to ensure that they are removed.