Public Service Union And The St Vincent Union Of Teachers Budget Proposal

The Public Service Union and the St Vincent Union of Teachers have put forward a proposal for compensation to Public Officers and Teachers in the absence of salary increases for the years 2012 – 2014.

A release from the Public Service Union, PSU, says the unions are proposing that this be a one-off payment.

The release says one of the options proposed, is the payment of one month’s salary for Public Officers and Teachers in Grades K-H, and half-month’s salary to Public Officers and Teachers in Grades G-A.

The proposal takes into consideration the increases in cost of living over the three years period. Both Unions are expected to meet to finalize the document and have it submitted soon.

It was put forward at a meeting held at Cabinet Room last Thursday December 11th, involving the Prime Minister and representatives of the Trade Union Movement.

The Unions were invited by the Prime Minister to discuss some aspects of the Budget Estimates for 2015-2016.

The PSU says, prior to this meeting, the Public Service Union and the St Vincent Union of Teachers jointly wrote to the Prime Minister requesting his audience on a number of issues, including salary and non-salary benefits for all categories of workers they represent.

The Union says, during the meeting, the Prime Minister made a presentation highlighting a number of issues, including: maintaining employment for all public officers; awarding of scholarships, and other opportunities for young persons and some Public Officers; and continued public assistance to the elderly and indigent poor

The Public Service Union said it raised the issue of salary increases for 2015 and the payment of an end of year bonus. It said the Prime Minister stated that the present economic and fiscal situation does not allow for any salary increase or the payment of any end of year bonus.

The Union said it also raised the issue of Government’s failure to negotiate the Collective Agreement previously submitted on behalf of Public Servants, and was given the assurance by the Prime Minister and the Director General of Finance and Planning that this agreement, will be negotiated early in 2015.

The PSU says the Executive of the Union will be meeting with the general membership to update them on the discussions held with the Prime Minister.