WALPCO Seeks To Strengthen Crop Production In SVG

President of the Women in Agriculture Langley Park Cooperative Organization (WALPCO), Nioka Abbott says once the farmers’ Cooperative movement is strengthened then there is a lot of success to be gained for the local Agriculture sector.

She made this statement earlier this month during the launch of the Co-operative Farmers Market which was opened for members of the public to purchase their Agricultural produce from Tuesday December 16th until Saturday December 20th.

The launch was held at Heritage Square, in the parking lot of the St. Vincent Co-operative Bank, under the theme: Strengthening Farmers Organizations and Improving Fruit and Vegetable Production Technology.

Mrs. Abbott said when farmers work together it also improves the quality of food produced because they can share best practices for production.
Mrs. Abbott is therefore encouraging local farmers to form cooperatives which can negotiate for them and ensure greater benefits while ensuring National Food Security.

(Photo by: usi.web.ti)