The Winners Of The I-Squared Competition Will Be Announced Today

The Winners in the Ideas and Innovation or I-Square Competition organized by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission NTRC, will be announced here today.

The Finals and Prize Giving Ceremony is expected to begin at nine this morning and will hear addresses from Senator Camillo Gonsalves, who has Ministerial responsibility for Information Technology and USF Project Officer Shanka Edwards.

The Competition, which was launched in September last year, is intended to give young people an opportunity to change the world using their imagination and creativity to develop ideas that could revolutionize the Vincentian society.

Its aim is to give Secondary and Tertiary Level Students the opportunity to put forward ideas that can implement new systems or improve existing systems in the current departments within the Public service.

The first place winner will receive three-thousand five-hundred dollars; two-thousand five-hundred dollars will go to the second place winner and the award for third place is 15-hundred dollars.

There will also be presentations from a number of Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission will host the Finals and Prize Giving Ceremony at the NIS Conference Facility.