Nutritionist Workshop To Be Held For All School Feeding Staff

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health are jointly hosting a Workshop on Nutrition, Food Safety and Meal Planning for all School Feeding Staff in schools and other Child Care Agencies.

This workshop is a follow up to the three School Nutrition Project workshops funded by the Mustique Charitable Trust in July 2014 and will provide nutrition training for food service workers who missed training provided.

The aim of this workshop is to increase the knowledge and skill base of school feeding staff and school-based food vendors in schools in planning for healthy school meals using the National Dietary Guidelines and Nutrition Standards for School Meals.

The workshop is being coordinated by School-feeding Programme Coordinator, Vickliyn Job with presentations from Chief Nutritionist, Andrea Robin; Senior Nutritionist, Joyce Burgin; and Assistant Nutritionist, Wendy Michael.

About thirty participants from the School feeding Programme in primary schools and the food service staff at the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre, the Salvation Army are expected to benefit from the workshop.

It is taking place at the Red Cross Building in Kingstown.