The Ministry of Agriculture Has Donated Three-Thousand Coconut Seeds To St. Kitts And Nevis Free Of Cost

The request made by St Kitts’ Minister of Agriculture Nigel Carty, comes after majority of the island’s coconut palms were damaged, mainly by three diseases; the Red Palm Mite, Bud Rot and Lethal Yellowing, some six-seven years ago.

The move signals a strengthened regional tie through agricultural cooperation as it comes on the heels of the Ministry of Agriculture in St Kitts recently launching a National Response to the loss of the coconut palm

Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar, says he believes that the donation to St Kitts-Nevis will aid in the country’s drive to improve livelihoods as well as sustaining the country’s economy.

Minister Caesar added that he is pleased that the shipment was a success and it is an indication of a healthy export relationship between both islands.

The Government of St Kitts-Nevis has expressed its appreciation to the Ministry for the Seeds which are said to be more tolerant to pests and diseases.

The overall plan for St Kitts, is to utilize the over 300 acres of agricultural lands, already allocated around the island, as well as a concept proposal for a Coconut Park.