1 Dead In Fatal Road Accident

A young woman of South Rivers has become this country’s latest road fatality.
Police say 28-year-old Port Clerk, Keisha Henson died at the scene of a vehicular accident which occurred in Mount Grenan this morning.

According to the Police, Henson was a passenger in the jeep P184, driven by 46-year-old Businessman Philmon Rodney.
Police say Mr. Rodney was coming from his home in Mount Grenan and was travelling down an incline, when he applied his brakes to accommodate another vehicle which was coming up.

According to the Police, the brakes failed and the vehicle went up an incline. At that point, Henson, the lone passenger attempted to exit the vehicle, opening the door on the right side.

Police say the vehicle then overturned on the right side falling on Henson, who died on the spot.
The incident is reported to have occurred at about 7:40 this morning.