Vincentians Should Take More Care In Preserving This Country’s Top Soil Quality

Officials from the Forestry Department say that most of the Deforestation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is caused by human activity.

This Statement was made by Forestry Supervisor, Cosmus McLoud during NBC’s Face to Face programme last week as St. Vincent and the Grenadines joined the rest of the world to observe World Water Day under the theme: ‘Water for Life’.

Mr. Mcloud said when deforestation occurs then the top soil is left vulnerable for erosion and if this top soil is eroded then the land becomes less fertile.

He is therefore appealing to Vincentians to protect the forests and the nation’s soil while developing a greater appreciation for their importance.
Meanwhile Senior Forestry Supervisor, Cornelius Richards said a perfect example of a Caribbean country losing its top soil is Haiti and this results in the land becoming unproductive.

He said when a country loses its ability to feed its population then all of the other sectors begin to suffer.