Jomo Thomas And Curtis King Return From A Reparations Summit

Two members of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Reparations Committee, attended an International Reparations Summit in New York, last week.

The two, Chairman Senator Jomo Thomas and Deputy Chairman Curtis M. King were part of the Caricom Reparations Commission’s delegation that attended the historic event which was organized by the Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW).

The Summit brought together participants from twenty countries in the Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America, as well as from States all over the United States of America for discussions and dialogues on the imperative of reparations for people of African Descent around the world.

The Summit adopted several resolutions including a commitment to consolidate the growing global reparations movement and a call for all governments and civil society organizations in countries around the world with Afro-descendant populations to establish national reparations commissions.

Another resolution recognized the vision of Caricom in establishing the Reparations Commission (CRC) and pledged support for future activities and initiatives of that commission.

The summit was addressed by several outstanding leaders in the Reparations movement including Professor Hilary Beckles, Actor Danny Glover, Dr. Ron Daniels, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Dr. Adelaide Sanford and Congressman John Conyers Jr.
Vincentians Maxwell Haywood of the Vincentian Diaspora Committee and Dr. Douglas Slater (representing the Caricom Secretariat) also participated in the event.

The International Reparations Summit was held from April 9 – 11th