Vincentian Ruthvin Harper Is Among Regional Participants Attending A Climate Change Attachment In Fiji

Mr. Harper is an agronomist, and also an Agricultural Officer seconded to the Caribbean Agricultural Development Institute, is among counterparts from Dominica and Jamaica attending a two month attachment with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s Land Resources Division located in Suva, Fiji.

The attachment is one of the activities of the CARIFORUM Action under the 10th European Development Fund Agriculture Policy Programme (APP).

It involves the training of Caribbean Scientists in germ-plasm development and increased capability of the Region in mitigating the impact of climate change.

The objectives of the two month training include learning briefly about the scope of the activities of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community Land Resources Division in line with agriculture development and facilitating trade and market access.

Mr. Harper says the Secretariat of the South Pacific Community has been identified as a Centre of Excellence in this fielder Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change in Root Crops, the thus its selection to facilitate this training.

Mr. Harper returns to the state May 31, 2015.