SVG Consul General And Recovery Efforts

The SVG Consul General’s Office in Canada has joined the local relief efforts in the aftermath of the December 2013 floods.

Today Consul General to Canada, Fitzgerald Huggins handed over a cheque valued at thirty eight thousand and seventy-eight Canadian dollars to the Lions Club St. Vincent South, which will be used to construct a two-bedroom home for Florentine Spring and her family at Cumberland.

The monies were raised by the Canadian Non-Profit Organization SVG Ad-hoc Relief Committee.

Speaking during today’s handing over ceremony, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, Dr. Audrey Gilkes said the Government is continuing its recovery efforts following the December 2013 floods and they are pleased to partner with these organizations to continue this process to assist the affected Vincentians.
Consul General to Canada, Fitzgerald Huggins said they raised the money which is equivalent to eighty-thousand EC dollars, in six months.

He said he is pleased to be handing over the monies today because by September of 2014 they were finding it difficult to find a family to assist because the Government had been very proactive is constructing homes for the affected families.