2015 LIME Netball Closing Results

Western Union Mitres defeated Vita Malt Maple 63-53 last night to clinch the Knockout Title of the 2015 LIME Netball Championship at the Kingstown Netball Centre at New Montrose.

During the Presentation, Awards in the Division (4) went out to Shamesha Allicott of ASCO Youths for the Most Valuable Player, Kadesha Edwards of LIME Girls High School, New Era Pepper Stars Keita Mc Caul, Shania Pompey of Prime 3J’s Valley Strikers and for Turbo Plus Maple was Nyah Federick.

In Division (3), Emeril Ollivierre of Bequia Ballers, Kenesha Francis of Dutch Lady Clinchers, from Everready Future Stars, Debbie Robinson, Irie Travel Vets was Elizabeth Mc Kenzie and Layou Golden Girls was Curlan John.