Comillo Questions Human Trafficking Mythology

Minister of Foreign Affairs Camillo Gonsalves has questioned the Methodology used by the United States State Department to compile its Report on Human Trafficking.

Minister Gonsalves made the statement, as he delivered the keynote address at a two-day training seminar on Human Trafficking last week.

Minister Gonsalves said that CARICOM Heads of Governments continue to express concern with the placement of regional countries on the Human Trafficking Report Watch List, but the United States has not responded to requests to provide evidence to support the claims in the report.

He said the report does not state how data was compiled for its findings.

Minister Gonsalves said regional Governments continue to request that the United States State Department share their Methodology which is used to compile the Report on Human Trafficking but this request has never been granted

He, however stated that he is optimistic that this request may be granted in the future.