PACC To Stage Community Concert In Barrouallie This Sunday To Celebrate The 8th Anniversary Of The Pan Against Crime Program

The Pan Against Crime Committee will stage a Community Concert in Barrouallie this Sunday to celebrate the 8th Anniversary of the Pan Against Crime Program.

The Committee says the event begins at 4:30 pm at the area known as the “Square, with Praise and Worship by members of the Kingdom Life Ministries of Barrouallie and Exhortation by Pastor Alvin Walker.

Also scheduled to perform are: SVG Port Authority Genesis and Symphonix Steel Orchestras, Barrouallie and Layou Police Youth Clubs, Central Leeward Secondary School, Bethel High School Band, Ronnie Richardson and the Police Band.

There will also be addresses by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves; Parliamentary Representative, Sir Louis Straker and Police Commissioner Michael Charles.

Meanwhile … The Annual Easter Gospel Concert will be held on Easter Sunday, March 27, at 4:30 pm at the Calliaqua Playing Field.

This will feature the Elite and Potential Steel Orchestras, youths from several Police Youth Clubs and Schools in the area, Praise and Worship and an Exhortation from Churches, Ronnie Richardson, Fidel Taylor and the Police Band.

Parliamentary Representative for the Area, Camillo Gonsalves will deliver remarks.
Others Concerts are scheduled for Victoria Village and Union Island.

The Pan Against Crime Program engages youths in a positive way, using the art of playing the pan, combined with lectures/discussions, to assist them in staying away from violence, crime and delinquent behaviors.

Over 3,500 of the Nation’s youths have participated in the program since its existence with several managers and trainers of the bands reporting vast improvement in academic performances, discipline and general attitude among these youths.