Three Arrested And Charged For Being In Possession Of Marine Turtle Meat At Biabou Bay

The Ministry of Agriculture has reminded the public that it is against the law to buy, sell or have marine turtles in their possession during the closed season.

The reminder comes in the wake of the arrest of the three persons this week, for being in possession of marine turtle meat at Biabou Bay.

A release from the Ministry says the three are: Raymond Richardson of Biabou, Ivan John of Bridgetown and Andrew Simon of Stubbs.

The three appeared at the Magistrate’s Court in Biabou last Friday.

The Ministry says the Fisheries Act No. 8 of 1986 Chapter 59 Part IV, Section 17 (2) e under Fisheries Conservation Measures states that: “no person shall take, sell, purchase or have in his/her possession, any turtle or part thereof, during the closed season for that species of turtle”.

The closed season runs from March 1 to July 31 each year.

The Ministry is reminding persons that it is against the law to have in their possession, turtles or any part thereof during the closed season.